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Follow A Real Pro Trader - LIVE

Since August 2020, Pro Trader has been sharing his trading analysis and results on our blog.

He has consistently made 3 and 4 figure profits EVERY WEEK

Now he is going to share his TOP TRADE every day

 - All his pre match analysis

 - How and Why he selected the match

 - The exact markets to trade

 - When to ENTER and when to EXIT

....AND.. what to do when things go positively and when things don't go to plan


ProTrader started his career and fascination with the financial markets as an Index Analyst at FTSE. He has since consulted for 15 years for some of the top Financial Institutions and Investment Banks in the world, where he specialised in financial instruments, pricing data, trading platforms and risk management solutions. He first started trading sports markets in early 2000, after the introduction and discovery of Betfair. He now trades the financial markets whilst working on entrepreneurial ventures with a focus on sports trading apps and e-commerce. He lives with his wife and young daughter between their homes of London, Sardinia, Odessa and Sochi. In his spare time, he is writing a book, enjoys outdoor pursuits with his family, learning Russian and of course, trading football markets.